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There's a lot to explore!  To help you find a specific subject, this collection of 2,000 images has been organized into the following categories:

Good Times in Prince George

Aurora, Queen of the EvergreensPrince George had Rodeo Queens, a May Day Queen, a Simon Fraser Days Queen and a Stardust Queen among others. But no other pageant received the attention, the number of contestants, or the media coverage of the well-loved Queen Aurora contest.

Community Groups (1947 - 1955), (1956 - 1965), (1966 - 1972)With more than a thousand new jobs created in Prince George each year, people flocked to the city to find employment. Newcomers who felt rootless gained a sense of fulfillment by pitching in to help out in the community. As a result, Prince George had more than 200 volunteer-run organizations in the late 1960s.

Entertainment (1947 - 1955), (1956 - 1965), (1966 - 1972)One of the things that gave life in Prince George a special flavor was a unique approach to entertainment.

Special Events (1947 - 1955), (1956 - 1965), (1966 - 1972)Each year a wide array of events leave a lasting impression on the people involved.

Sports (1947-1955), (1956 - 1965), (1966 - 1972)Here’s a look at past sporting activities in and around Prince George.

The city's unique mascot, Mr. P.G.Mr. P. G. has been Prince George’s official mascot and a local landmark since around 1960, symbolizing the forest industry’s continued importance to the city.

The Prince George Lifestyle (1947 - 1955), (1956 - 1965), (1966 - 1972)These lifestyle images offer a look at the things people did on their own time—from snow shoveling to family picnics—and capture the optimism of that era.

Earning a Living

Business (1947 - 1955), (1956 - 1965), (1966 - 1972)As Prince George boomed, businesses had to change to meet the growing needs of their customers.

The Photographer's JobSome people wanted to mark the important occasions in their lives, while others needed illustrations for brochures and advertisements to promote their businesses. A number of people wished to have old photographs restored. Here’s a glimpse at the photographer’s fascinating job.

Work (1947 - 1955), (1956 - 1965), (1966 - 1972)Here’s a glimpse at the many ways people have earned their livings in and around Prince George.

Mind and Spirit

Class PhotosWally West took many class photos of elementary school and high school classes in the city and surrounding areas from the 1950s to the 1970s. Class photos serve the same purpose today—reminding people of good friends and good times.

ReligionThe churches of the region had a broad community reach, from Catholic schools to Boy Scout troops.

Schools (1947 - 1955), (1956 - 1965), (1966 - 1972)Many parents have a strong involvement in their children’s schools. During Prince George’s fastest growth period newcomers had to adapt to new schools and new friends. The school system did its best to accommodate the rapidly increasing numbers of students.

The Lure of the New

FadsThese photos capture an era when long-play records were the latest in technology and hula-hoops were the rage.

FashionInterest in fashion increased as the city grew, and changes in clothing reflected the new prosperity. Local newspapers carried more fashion photos than today, answering peoples’ desire to be up to date in their clothing.

News today; gone tomorrowHere are some local items that made the news when Prince George was the fastest growing city in Canada.

Building a City

City services and surrounding area roads, bridges and scenes (1947 - 1955), (1956 - 1965), (1966 - 1972)From hospitals to highways, services are key to making a city livable. The resource-rich natural area that surrounds Prince George includes more than seven billion trees and 600 lakes, and plays an important role in shaping the attitudes and activities of residents.

Intercontinental Pulp MillA look at Intercontinental Pulp in Prince George, from construction to production.

New businesses and buildings (1947-1955), (1956-1965), (1966-1972)The visible changes increased from 1947 well into the 1970s.

New sawmillsPrince George’s sawmills went from producing thousands of board feet of lumber to mills producing millions, then later on to producing more than 100 million board feet each year.

Northwood Pulp MillA look at Northwood Pulp and Timber, from its ground-breaking to construction, and later to operation in full swing.

Prince George PulpThe construction of three pulp mills in the late 1960s changed Prince George and its economy forever. Prince George Pulp and Paper was the first to be completed.

Also, visit the Timeline of Significant Events for more details on each year covered by the exhibit.

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